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I'm going to take you on a journey.
Just close your eyes and fly with me.
Spread your wings and soar towards the sea,
And just for one instant let my mind become your deity.

Swing with me on a pendulous tassel,
Past the dragons, into my sand castle.
There we shall have some tea with the Queen
For all good children should be heard and not seen.

I'll pull out a net and catch a star.
Three wise men shall see it from afar.
We'll give it to the baby born in the manger,
Soon he will ensure us dying's no danger.

Lets travel to Egypt and over the sphinx,
Let's call the pyramids "ancient missing links".
Don't be afraid. Don't be alarmed.
When travelling with me, you shall not be harmed.

Glide to Easter Island. Carve heads out of rocks.
Let's laugh at the people who stare and gawk.
We can build a huge statue of Zeus,
For people in Olympia are not recluse.

We'll float toward England in the air,
For finding a huge calendar is amazing and rare.
Once again the people stop and stare.
You only built it because of my dare.

Why don't we bathe in the Horseshoe Falls?
Isn't that a beauitful watery wall?
Speaking of walls, to China we'll go,
We can split them in two with no worries or woes.

We can paint a desert and make a canyon grand,
in the middle of the barren land.
Finally, we'll make circles in a farmer's crop,
And laugh at the confusion that we have brought.

And so you flew with me, and the dream's almost done,
But you have to admit that you had lots of fun!
And so, you will leave my castle of sand
You'll stop flying and let your feet land.

Just remember, you're welcomed to return any day.
Float into my world when yours is astray.
I can wash all of your worries away
So, if you feel bad, don't delay!

Carolynn - Feb.3, 1999