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My Friends Page


What can I say about you? Well, for one, the house wouldn't be the same without you! I would miss freezing our butts off and coming inside to watch mindless TV like KITH, Duckman or Ren & Stimpy. You've been a great friend to me, and even introduced me to "The House of Ill Repute", so they say... Really it's all about us lazy asses ICQing each other from across the hall... Coffee? Thanks for bringing classical music back to my everyday lifestyle. Your Famous Sayings: "Suck it up buttercup." "Muffin....."


Oh hell, you know you love it... Furthur more, you know I'd do it to you if I was anywhere nearby ~wicked grin~. You're probably one of my closest friends online. You make me feel more normal than most, and more importantly, you make me smile. You and your stories about vibrating chicken foot sex toys, that is... You crazy ol' evil rabbit... Keep those comics coming. A good chunck of my friends think that they truly are "really funny comics"!


I want to thank you so much for all of the kindness and support you've given me in the past. Bri, you're an awesome guy, and I'm so glad you and Skye hooked up :) You're very non-judgemental, and just a great friend. I appreciate spending time with you (yay coffee and smokes -- until I quit!). Retro Tuesday, All The Way!


Not only are you very laid-back on the phone, but your a really great guy. It's not just anyone I make art for, you know... You reminded me of a fuzzy pink glow that I thought I had forgotten, and it stinks that you're so far away right now. I would like nothing more than to give you a huge hug, but I'm stuck with my pillow right now. You have given me enough courage and self-confidence to make me stop giving myself terrible labels that I don't necessarily deserve. I hope I've done the same for you. You're not as worthless as you imagine. Trust me. Besides, you said the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me:

"Promise that your search for love will not let you settle for just any asshole that comes by promising you The World. Make him give it to you before you trust him with your everything. Fuck that. Make him give you the universe before you give yourself to him. You deserve it."


Babe, what would I DO without you? From sharing vast stories of obsessions, and other opposite sex related topics, to sharing toilet bowls (hahaha) you've been there for me. If I need to talk, you listen, and if I need a good time, you're always there. Thanks for making me smile. Retro Rocks!!! You're the best puke sister a girl could ever have. I love you, you drunken bastard. Don't you ever forget it!


My favorite British friend... You give great advice, and I have fun hanging around with you, and being a geeky girl while watching cheese-ball girly movies, or while singing while drunk. Heh... did I mention that I do a great British accent? ~lol~ Right. So when you buy something that's 50% off, really you're saving as much as you spend, so you're getting it for free, right? We'll HAVE to go shopping together at some point!!!


You have been a mountain of support for me. I know that I can always turn to you for good advice, and share both the good and bad moments I encounter any given day. Your stories always make me laugh, from you changing girls into frogs to you Ridin' Bareback, Cowgirl style, and lighten my spirit greatly. You are like a sister to me. You've even been a pleasure to discuss holidays with, which I can't do with most people because they just don't understand. I hope we will stay in touch for a long time.


I love you much sweetheart, and I think of you often. Since you've left, I've had to take over as the "incriminating evidence" photographer, which is not an easy task. Boycott Ben's Pub Vice-President! I miss you, and Dali. Your words of wisdom are always helpful and encouraging, and I'm really glad I met you this year. You were my sanity in K-town for longer than you realize, and even though you're physically gone, I feel like a part of you is still with me. Never forget that you're a wonderful person, and that, even if you don't realize it, you're loved by all. Never sell yourself short! "Hey Mr. Bus Driver Speed up a Little Bit"


Syl, I wish you could see the good in you the rest of the world can see. You've got amazing potential, and I don't want you to forget it! We've been through (too?) much together, and I'm really glad that we're friends. Heh... did I mention that your digital camera is EVIL???? EVVVVIIILLLL... Anyway, knowing you, I'll probably see you this weekend! Of our little group of degenerate friends, you probably make me laugh the most.


Maggot, you are my dearest friend. You and I have been through everything together, and are still living to tell the tales. Over the 15 years we've known each other, I've learned a lot about you. Not only have I learned that you should NOT be involved in any sports with balls (unless you WANT to get hit on the head), but I've also learned the value of true friendship. You and I have managed to stay close. Despite different (rival) schools when we were younger, despite illness, and despite us living in different cities most of the time, you and I define "Bosom Buddies". "We've got to get together while I'm here...." (we should learn to co-ordinate with each others' schedules). And my parents still laugh about us: Alright. Bye...... ONE... TWO...THREE...{Click}


Hey there, sweetie! You're the most bubbly, happy person I know, and you always make me smile. The fact that you think frogs are cute, makes you THAT much cooler, not to mention the fact that you're pretty darned good at playing the guitar. It's all about us (during girly movie nights) drinking ... um ... well, a fair bit of wine... And most importantly there are Sheiling Bonda moments, when it's okay to jump on the couch ~grin~


Girly, it's always a pleasure to see you. You know, I seem to recall someone tell me "Everyone was born left-handed... But only the best overcome it." I wonder who that could have been? You've let me babble to you about random things for ages, and actually sounded interested, so I've been impressed. ~lol~ I don't mind you sitting in my bushes, but please don't trample the roses!


It's scary to think I've know you longer than most people in K-town. It all started on the booze cruiz with a bowler cap and a tinfoil crown looking at the stars, and seeing jupiter. I had a good time at your house in Montreal, and it's a trip I doubt I'll ever forget. You're also the most patient AD&D person I know, seeing as I'm not exactly one with a very long attention span... Funny how we both reccomended CDs to each other, and both of us forgot each others reccomendations, but somehow ended up with the same CDs (You with Murder Ballads, and Me with Tom Waits). Furthuring your popularity with me was you introducing me to J.K. Potter's art. I flipped through that book for hours. Funny how You are the only personon who managed to STAY in your house... I'm going to miss you more than you can imagine when you go to Calgary!


Well, girly, you're one of the lucky three crypters that I've actually met IRL. I had tons of fun when we went to SEE and ended up playing 21! We should definately go out on a regular basis during the summer. West Side!!! ~lol~ I'm still amazed you just hopped into my van when I was out side of Islington Station!


You are always an entertainment to talk with... Sober or not, and you seem to also hold a mystical power that makes me laugh every time we write. Like I said before, us English Majors are a dying breed, so stand tall and proud! (UPDATE: heh... looking back, they sure as hell are, no?) Sharing brains can be scary sometimes... ahem. Every time I think of you I see sl8r in my head ~lol~ And on that note... "Marijuana on ONE, refer on TWO, HUT, HUT"


Retro Night's where it's at, boy! Hmmm... would you be willing to sing something French for an encore? Well, despite all we've managed to stay friends. At least we can now share our bizzare MOS stories with one another, eh? Hmmm... on that note, I'll trade you a sheep for a brick and a wheat...

"I shall find my warmth in an icy grip. [and Canada is pretty cold]" You know, I'm not astonished that you didn't like me at first. I'll admit that I was being a bitch, and for that, I'm truly sorry. I'm glad we've spoken with one another, and I should say that you really don't LOOK like an asshole in your pictures! "Wipe that face off your head, BITCH!"