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Name: Carolynn

Birthday: February 26, 1980

Birthplace: Upstate NY

Current Residence: Kingston, ON

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 190-200 lbs

Clothing: Long skirts, Lace, Jeans, Tank Tops, Long Sleeved T-shirts

Humor: Occasional wit, Dry, Sarcastic

Currently Reading: Manditory French Books, Social Identity, Chinese Medicine in Everyday Life

Visual Appeasement: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Trailer Park Boys, Labrynth, Natural Born Killers, Run Lola Run, Fear & Loathing, Simpsons, Most Extreme Challenge, Fight Club

Audial Appeasement: Radiohead, Nick Cave, Led Zepplin, Delerium, Sarah Mclachlan, Aphex Twin, Tom Waits, The Beetles, White Zombie

On Rotation: Blue Rodeo - Lost Together, Closer - NIN, Blackbird - Joni Mitchell, Toxygene - The Orb, Thank You - Dido

Religion: Just stick with Karma because it'll stick with you.

Spare Time Activities: Crotcheting, Reading, Cooking, Arts & Crafts, Music (learning Gui-tar)

Education: Currently in 3rd year University, after juggling majors around for two years

Major: French

Minor: Psychology

Goal: Travel. Get dream job. Have 2.4 kids, a car, a dog, and a white picket fence.

Dream Job: Special Events Organizer for a major corporation, like Molson's for example.

Instruments Played: Viola, Voice, some Violin, Double Bass, Guitar, Piano

Travelled To: France, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Curacao, Bahamas, Through most of the States, and From Quebec City to Victoria B.C.

Favorite Quotes, and Quotes most often said: "Terrible", "dem's mah feets", "alright"

Ten Things Around My Room: ceramic birds from Mexico, rod iron mirror and candlesticks, mounted African sculptures, cowboy hats, postcards hung artistically on wall, wooden giraffe and monkeys, pictures of friends, Asian dude made out of roots, giant stuffed frog from FAO Schwartz, quickly diminishing bottle of absinth.

Pets: Gecko

Nationality: I'm American, by birth, but also Canadian (eh?)

Background: I'm a Pollack.

Holiday: "Everybody scream in our town called Halloween!"

Fruit: Strawberries, mangos

Drinks, anyone? Vodka & Soda, Beer, Coffee, Tea or Pop

Known for: Trying to use eloquent words despite my lacking clarity of their definitions.

Description: Tollerable

Obsessions: Shoes, Jer, Bubble Tea and Pinochle.

Fictional Character Resemblance: Anne of Green Gables

Fun, Fun: Adult Hypnotists!

Worst Memorable experience of Univ.: The night Skye and I shared a porcelain god, thus becoming puke sisters forever

How do you like your coffee: "Crisp", with a shot of espresso & chocolate, or with milk.

Artwork: Suns and Moons, Broken Records, Sculptures, Candle Holders, broken computers, fimo dudes, homemade scarves/purses/afghans, paint, chalk, pencils, clay, intricate doodles.

Even Amazes Me: Pet dolphins, gone on a trapeze, sang a solo in front of a fairly large audience, sang with Bobby Cortola (the guy who sang "fortune teller" and "three rows over and two seats down"), Survived a heart rate of 244 bpm, Climbed a small mountain.

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto.