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This is where you learn about me. If you are askeered, read no furthur.

Turn Back Before It's Too Late!!!

I'm not quite sure what you expected to learn. I love writing poetry. I was reading classics like Chaucer and Tennyson at the age of 8, although then I did not grasp the concepts put forth. I did, however learn to appreciate imagery, and I've never dared to put poetry down since. I often tell people that sometimes a pen and paper are one's best listeners.

I ask people why they wake up in the morning quite often. I detest answers such as "work" and "my alarm clock". I feel as though if that were true, these people would be better off dead. I personally believe that I was meant to help someone, albeit I do not know who my someone is. As a result, I TRY to help anyone who has a problem, or needs advice. Each time I help them, in turn I help myself.

I am presently attending university in Canada, eh? No, Canadians do not all watch hockey, and no we do not eat back bacon and maple syrop each morning. I in fact, received my Canadian citizanship Christmas eve, and now belong to the two greatest countries in the world. I am studying to become a pathologist. One day I hope to use my riches to take my family travelling around the world. I wish for myself and my loved ones to see how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful place, as well as exposing ourselves to new cultures.

Well, you made it. You've seen most of my goals, and have not run sick to the bathroom. Congrats.